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Profoto B10 Plus 500w single head location kit

  • 1x 10kg Shot Bag
  • 1x Manfrotto Light Stand
  • 1x battery charger
  • 1x spare battery 
  • *excludes TTL remote, to be hired separately 

$110/day +GST

Profoto D1 1000w single head studio kit 

  • 1x 10kg Shot Bag
  • 1x Manfrotto Light Stand
  • 1x power cable
  • *excludes TTL remote, to be hired separately 

$90/day +GST

Profoto TTL-C High Speed Air Remote

$60/day +GST

Westcott 7 foot Parabolic Umbrellas x3

  • White 7' Parabolic
  • Silver  7' Parabolic
  • Shoot through 7' Parabolic
  • Westcott 7 foot Diffusion sock

$100/day +GST

Profoto 5’ RFI Octa + Speedring

$80/day +GST

Profoto 2’ OCF Beauty Dish

$20/day +GST

XLite 4 foot Octa silver with grid 

  • 4 Foot Octa
  • Includes grid
  • Choice of Profoto or Bowens ring

    $50/day +GST

    Elinchrom Portalite softbox

  • Small square fill softbox
  • Choice of Profoto or Bowens ring

$30/day +GST

Broncolor transparent 105cm umbrella

  • Small Shoot through
  • Small and portable for location

$20/day +GST

2x Profoto A1 speedlight sm studio lights

$50/day each  +GST w/ 2x batteries

$90/day  +GST for 2 with 5x batteries 

Profoto Clic Creative 3 Colour Gel kit

$50/day +GST

Profoto Clic Grid for A1 kit

  • 10 & 20 degree grids

$40/day +GST

7" Zoom Reflector for Profoto  Studio Heads


7" reflector for Profoto  A1

$20/day +GST

Paper Roll Studio Background Kit

  • Arctic White Paper Roll - 2.7m wide
  • 2x C-Stand supports + arms 
  • 2x Shot Bags
  • *Alternative colours available with notice

$150/day +GST

Tripod & Head

  • Manfrotto 055 tripod
  • Manfrotto xpro geared 3 way head
  • Pro Video head also available

$15/day tripod only - $30 kit +GST

California Sunbounce 6x4

  • white/silver silk

$55/day +GST

Westcott Scrim Jim 6x4

  •  1/5 stop scrim 
  • white/silver silk

$45/day +GST

Round Reflectors

Large $15 +GST

Small $10/day +GST

Seaport Kit

  • Seaport Laptop tether Hardcase
  • Manfrotto light stand or tripod
  • *does not include tether cables

$75/day +GST

2021 16' MacBook M1 MAX 32gig ram with Capture One 22

  • Fastest chipped MacBook ever produced
  • + External SSD Drive for backup
  • Charger

$300/day +GST

Hyperjuice - Laptop Power Bank

3x available 

  • 1x for $60/day +GST
  • 2x for $100/day +GST
  • 3x for $140/day  +GST

C-Stand and shot bag

  • 2x currently available
  • C-Stand Roller Bag (add $10)

$10/day +GST

Exposure + Colour Check

  • Sekonic Light Master Pro 
  • Xrite ColorChecker Passport 

$100/day +GST

Manfrotto Light Stands

  • 3x currently available with shot bags

$30/day +GST

Zoom H5 Recorder

  • Record 2 sources of audio- condenser and XLR feed
  • Great clean audio for interviews or speeches
  • Comes with spare batteries

$35/day +GST

Headphone & Cable Kit for H5

  • High quality Plantronics BB Pro noise cancelling Headphones for checking audio
  • XLR Cable
  • 1/4 Inch Cable to XLR
  • Auxilary Cable

$40/day +GST

Ryobi Portable Air Blower

  • Rycote® Lyre® shock mounting onboard
  • All-new capsule with lower noise and higher sensitivity
  • Broadcast recording quality condenser microphone

$40/day +GST

Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Industry Standard, 30.4 Megapixel
  • Charger & 4 Batteries

$120/day +GST

Canon R5

  • Mirrorless, 45 Megapixel
  • Excellent for Video
  • Charger & 4 Batteries
  • $50 extra for CF Express Card

$250/day +GST

Digital Lenses

  • Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 mkii
  • Canon 100mm f/2.8
  • Sigma 50mm f/1.4 art
  • Canon 70-200mm
  • Canon 17-40mm

$70/day each +GST

Aputure Light Storm 600d + Fresnel

  • Cine quality key light
  • f10 FRESNEL
  • Wheeled Bag

$250/day +GST

Aputure Light Storm 60x + barndoors

  • Bi-colour fresnel key or rim light
  • Waterproof IP54 rating
  • Add V-lock battery for $50
  • Bag

$150/day +GST

Aputure Amaran T2C colour tubes

  • Tunable CCT- 2,500K to 7,500K 
  • Tunable Green-Magenta Adjustment (Full Plus/Minus Green) 
  • Sidus Link, DMX control
  • Bag
  • Price includes 2x tubes

$150/day +GST

Aputure Accent B7C RGBWW LED Bulb

  • Practical light colour bulbs
  • set of 2
  • 7W RGBWW LED Smart Bulb
  • Standard E26/E27 Light Bulb Socket
  • Built in Lithium-polymer Battery
  • 70+ mins Run time at Full Power

$70/day +GST

V-Lock battery + Charger

  • 98wh battery

$50/day +GST

Rocket Floppy Cutter/Flag/Courtesy

  • 3 x 3 (fits in a standard car)
  • Includes Kupo C-Stand + shot bag

$50/day +GST

Atomos Ninja V

  • 2 x NP-F750 5200mAh batteries
  • 1 x Fast charger
  • Sandisk 1TB SSD

$80/day +GST

Aputure MC Video Light

  • Includes hotshoe mount
  • Diffuser
  • Padded Bag

$40/day +GST

Drone- DJI Mavick Mini 3 Pro

  • Able to be flied commercially 
  • 3 batteries and fast charger
  • RC Controller- no phone needed
  • Spare props
  • Easy to fly
  • 4K log footage + 120fps + raw stills
  • 6x ND Filter kit -add $20/day
  • 2x Mist VND Filters -add $20/day

$150/day +GST

DJI Ronin RS 2 Pro Gimbal Stabiliser

  • Payload limit of 4.5kg
  • 1.4″ full-color LCD touchscreen
  • SuperSmooth stabilisation feature for long zoom lenses
  • Single-tap switching to portrait mode
  • Splash-proof carry case included
  • DJI Raveneye image Transmission System with iPad Pro add $250/day

$200/day +GST

Apple iPad Pro 2022

  • Can be used for additional tether screen to connect to Capture One
  • Ideal for Zoom/Skype client meetings
  • Professional Wacom-like retouching
  • Comes with case and Apple Pencil 2

$200/day +GST

Sunlight Modifier + templates

  • Hard/sun light emulating modifier
  • Canon lens + Profoto light mounts
  • Requires own lens to be mounted
  • 10 metal shadow templates available

$250/day +GST - 

Shadow Templates $50/day +GST

Leica M3 - 35mm Film

  • 50mm Summilux f/1.4 lens

$200/day +GST

Contax G1 - 35mm Film

  • 28mm f/2.8
  • 45mm f/2
  • 90mm f/2.8
  • Flash

$250/day +GST

Hasselblad 500C medium format

  • 150mm f/4 Somnar Lens

$200/day +GST

Nikon F - 35mm Film

  • 50mm 1.4 lens

$120/day +GST

Olympus Pen - 35mm Film

  • Half-frame Film camera

$120/day +GST

Yashica T4 - 35mm Film

  • Half-frame Film camera

$120/day +GST

Miscellaneous Shoot Gear

  • Portable speaker - Bang & Olufsen A1 ($20/day)
  • Area 51 Tether Cables ($10/day)
  • Manfrotto Super clamp x1
  • Double Manfrotto Super Clamps with pivot arm ($30/day)
  • Clamps kit & Gaffa tape
  • SSD hard drive 
  • SD card reader
  • Cleaning Kit- cloth, blower, alcohol cleaning wipes
  • Speed light Speedring
  • 25 meter retractable power board
  • Tether cables 15 foot x2
  • Matte Box for video
  • Profoto Gel Holders + Gels

    $10 Each Unit +GST (unless stated)

Ryobi Portable Air Blower

  • With Charger

$15/day +GST

Step Ladder / Shoot Stool

  • Lightweight small ladder
  • 350mm high shoot stool

$15 each/day +GST