Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot models? I can teach you!

I'm now offering one on one mentoring sessions for a limited time around Byron Bay. I cover posing, lighting, props, how to get magazine exposure and other techniques. 
DM me to say hello or book a session 📸 🌴

I have two seperate options for taking you on your photographic journey-

Option 1/

A casual chat over coffee, beer or even water if that's your jam. I can help you with whatever problems you face as a starting photographer and answer any queries or questions you have about what I do. I'll answer any questions you have honestly and openly.

$400 ($350 via skype)

Option 2/

I can drive you around the area and take you on an adventure with a model and actually show you through what I do when I conduct a shoot. How to pose, how to plan style and vibe and select props, and most importantly how I light my scenes and play with flashes or whatever is available. I can even show you how to shoot film if you have a film camera.


mentoring sessions.

Thanks! Message sent.